The more you know about aliyah and Israel, the greater the chance that your aliyah will be successful. Aliyah Community, sponsored by Retraining4Israel, offers:

  • – Regular webinars presented by experts in their field (accountants, psychologists, architects, real estate agents, business consultants, educators, and much more).
  • – Aliyah Knowledge Base – an online resource bank of aliyah related knowledge and resources.
  • – Regular Hebrew lessons.
  • – Interviews with successful olim offering both knowledge and encouragement.
    – So much more…


One of the hardest things for olim after the move to Israel, is the absence of a support system. Aliyah Community fills that in a number of ways:

  • Our Aliyah Hotline is available six days a week to answer your questions and assist you.
  • Monthly online meetups enable you to meet with other olim and ask questions.


Aliyah Community began as a way to help new immigrants learn about the aliyah process and improve the quality and success rate of their aliyah. Believing that there are two important elements to successful aliyah, Information and Community, our team works to create easy access to both. More about our team here


To learn more about our webinars and to register for free, click here.