Ever created a journal? Well, if you’re thinking of aliyah, this is the place to start.

This may well be the most important tip we can offer. Why the most important? Because if you plan your aliyah carefully and correctly, all the tips to follow will be contained in this one – start a journal?

Why a journal? Because almost from the moment you decide you want to make aliyah, you should begin collecting information. People will offer advice. Possibly, you may not be ready for some of it that information now. But, rather than lose it, organize these offerings so that when you’re ready, you’ll be able to learn from what others experienced. They’ll tell you about a caring and attentive doctor, a great school, an amazing community. Write it down.

Keep a file on your computer, or (we think better), start a physical journal (more information about the journal in future tips). Whatever it takes. Collect knowledge. It’s never too early to begin. Preparation starts now. Here’s our suggestion for how to organize the journal:
Journal Contents

On the cover, write OUR ALIYAH JOURNAL…just looking at those words will give you courage and strength as you go through the process.

On the next page – write Table of Contents and then number the remaining pages.

On the next page; Write WHY – and write down WHY you are making aliyah.

And then you begin sections, leaving extra pages.

Create a section for Packing – what you want to purchase, what you want to leave behind. You can separate what you ship into boxes for your first home in Israel and others for things you can’t give up but won’t need immediately. Make a list per room (and per person), what you need to pack. Don’t forget things like medication, medical records, etc.

Create a WISH LIST Section – and list what you want in a community, types of jobs, things you plan to buy in Israel.

Create a section for Shipping Companies and each time you find information (contact, costs, comments, references etc.).

Create a section for Communities you are considering (contacts there, benefits, concerns, costs). What schools are there. When you read or hear about a community, create a page and make notes there.

Create a section for Medical Issues and list there any medical considerations you have for you and your family. List current medications each family member takes (and add to your packing list a supply for several months).

Create a section for Employment and when you have time, investigate and list Israeli companies that you or a family member should consider contacting.

Create a Resources/Contacts page and list organizations that can help you (both before you get on the plane and after you are in Israel.

Page by page, fill your journal with your ideas, thoughts etc. And add the page number where the section starts to your Table of Contents so you can find each section quickly.

And when you land in Israel, take a picture of your family and paste it at the end of a journal. Read your WHY regularly before and after you come; look at the picture often!