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At one point or another, most olim feel frustrated or confused because there’s too much information coming at them or not enough.

Is your aliyah moving too slowly? Are you worried that you aren’t really ready for life in Israel? Our FREE Aliyah Tips can help smooth your path home.

Aliyah Tips can make YOUR aliyah journey easier. Faster. Better. These important Aliyah Tips will offer you:

  • Easy steps you can begin to take NOW to make your aliyah successful no matter where you are in the aliyah process.
  • Avoid the mistakes so many have made by being properly prepared for each challenge aliyah throws in your way.
  • Insight into a variety of aliyah-related subjects including shipping points, how to help your children in the aliyah process, where to live, best practices for learning Hebrew, and even how to manage with your pets.

You can read our regular Aliyah tips on our Facebook group: Aliyah Community.

Aliyah Tips is a service of Retraining4Israel, a community dedicated to assisting in all phases of the aliyah process. With over 50 years of successful aliyah between our Aliyah Coordinators, your Aliyah Tips have been collected and written by:

Paula Stern made aliyah 27 years ago, is on the Municipal Committee for New Immigrants in Maale Adumim, and has been actively working with olim for many years. She is the CEO of WritePoint Ltd., a company that offers technical writing services (often to olim) and retraining services. Her courses are subsidized by Misrad Haklita’s voucher program.

Amira Frij also made aliyah 27 years ago at the age of eight. She remembers, from the point of view of a child, what it was like to repeatedly have her life changed, move away from friends and struggle to acclimate to a new society. She has a degree in Psychology and Sociology from Hebrew University and currently works as a Marketing Strategist for WritePoint Ltd. and offers Business Consultation Services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Leah Katzenel made aliyah 18 years ago, shortly before Nefesh b’Nefesh was founded. She was greeted at the airport by her boyfriend (and future husband) and his family. A few months later, the happy couple got engaged, then married. They have three daughters and one son. Leah blogs and works from home as an Organization Consultant.